Why the Need for Care Coordination Services?

Our healthcare system has relied upon medical practices to care for patients with chronic conditions solely through office visits. Medicare is now emphasizing the need to reach patients outside of office visits through care coordination services. That’s where NxCense Health comes in. Our care coordination services fill the gap between patient office visits by supplementing with 1-on-1 interactions from trained Care Specialists. These additional check-ins help patients by better managing their conditions, monitoring medication usage & encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviors.

What NxCense Health Can Do For You

NxCense Health can help you improve the quality of care you provide for your patients. As an extension of your team, we deliver a patient-centered solution with industry-leading technology and 24/7 care coordination. Through a series of 1-on-1 patient interactions by our certified team of Care Specialists, we focus on making your patients aware, educated and engaged in the success of their own care plans.

Better yet, our care coordination services require no additional overhead to your practice. Partnering with NxCense Health allows you to increase patient care without increasing your costs. Improve patient outcomes and improve your bottom line!

Find Out How We Can Help Your Practice

NxCense Health
Why We Are Different
Unlike many outsourced care coordination service options, NxCense Health does not rely on the patient to log data using a computer or wearable device. We focus on delivering the same 1-on-1 personal care to your patient as you would. Consider us an extension of your compassionate care team.
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